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Tadeusz Sławek:
Odysseus's dog. Two essays for voice and double bass
Marta Olszewska:
The space: on the threshold of  experience
Adam Pisarek:
Crossed the hospitality
Magdalena Kłosińska:
The limit of the urban
Aleksandra Kunce:
Can the narration about the border may change the world?
Zbigniew Kadłubek:
The limit in Cascais
Zygmunt Woźniczka:
The Upper Silesia as the region of many borders - historian remarks
Olga Topol:
Mind (the) gap. About the limits of London
Tomasz Bielak:
Trolling, Freepolboks, Broadcast Yourself! - the limits and crossing over in the most recent media
Maria Popczyk:
Spatial practicing museum

Józef Olejniczak:
Frontiers of the literary research
Ewelina Pępiak:
To be on both sides at once - some remarks on Gloria Anzaldúa's Borderlands/La Frontera
Zygmunt Ziątek:
For the second time in the valley low water. Limits around the world by Stanisław Młodożeniec
Jarosław Ławski:
"A little wild boar..." Limits and exceeded of Maria Konopnicka
Joanna Szydłowska:
The borderland on a plate. Ritual consumption as a model culture medium and identity after Jałta's borderline (Inga Iwasiów's Bambino)
Zdzisław Marcinów:
The oxymoron trap. From small stabilisation to vampire birth (about a The Man of Age by Ireneusz Irydyński)
Iwona Gralewicz-Wolny:
Keine Grenzen? About the freedom expression in Miron Białoszewski's poetry


main menu anthropos? texts (abstracts) editorial review board archives   Polish version